English Language Foundation Unit

Study and Work Abroad

Study_AbroadStudy and Work Abroad enhances the value of your degree and expands your world view!  This an invaluable and life-changing experience. It is the optimal way to learn a language.

DMLL Bookshelf and DMLL Research Notes



DMLL Revised Course
Careers in Linguistics

Wondering where a Linguistics degree can take you?

Caribbean Interpreting and Translation Bureau (CITB)

The UWI’s Interpreting and Translation Bureau is the preferred provider for business language services in interpreting and translation.

UWI Speech-Language Clinic

The Clinic provides speech and language services aimed at the remediation of communicative impairments, and at improvement in quality of life for all our clients.

The English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)
The Writing Centre

Our instructors are highly trained and willing to offer assistance and guidance to all students at The Writing Centre!