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Humanitarians and Educators are always on a mission to promote the well being of society whether is individual, regional or a global contect. At the undergraduate level, we offer majors, as well as double majors across departments and faculties. The FHE Undergraduate Faculty booklet is available for download for information on your area of interest.

Our Programmes and Courses available are delivered via face-to-face mode, online mode, or blended mode.

The possibilites are endless.  Make your distinctive contribution.

School of Education

  • Bachelor of Education Primary (General)
  • Bachelor of Education Primary (Specializations)
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Care and Education)
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) – Educational Administration
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) - Language Arts
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) - Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) - Science
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) –Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Education – Online Primary (Language Arts)
  • Bachelor of Education – Physical Education



Centre for Language Learning

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)



Department of Creative and Festival Arts

  • Major in Carnival Studies
  • Major in Dance
  • Special in Musical Arts
  • Major in Theatre Arts
  • Special in Visual Arts
  • Minor in Cultural Studies
  • Minor in Music
  • Minor in Theatre Arts



Department of History

  • Major in History
  • Special in History
  • BA in Philosophy
  • Minor in History



Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies

  • Major in Communication Studies
  • Major in Literatures in English
  • Minor in Communication Studies
  • Minor in Literatures in English


Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

  • Major in French
  • Major in Linguistics
  • Major in Spanish
  • Major in Speech and Language Science
BA Programmes
  • French Language and Literature
  • Hindi Language
  • Linguistics
  • Portuguese Language and Brazilian Studies
  • Spanish Language and Hispanic Literature
  • Minor in Brazilian Studies
  • Minor in Caribbean Sign Language
  • Minor in French
  • Minor in Gender Studies
  • Minor in Linguistics
  • Minor in Spanish
  • Minor in Speech and Language Pathology


Office of the Dean

  • BA Programme in Film
  • Major in Film Studies
  • Special in Film Studies
  • Major in Film Production
  • Special in Film Production
  • Major in Geography
  • Major in Mathematics
  • Minor in Film Studies


Cross Departmental Programmes

  • Major in African and Asian Studies
  • Major in English Language and Literature with Education (ELLE)
  • Major in Latin American Studies


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