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STA Campus Principal – Delighted on the opening of SOE, PEDIC. Click here to read Principal’s comment on this achievement

Prof. Jerome De Lisle –“ Putting SEA to the Test”. Click here to read more of his inaugural lecture.

D. Ferdinand-James - Research e-Clinics move beyond SOE Borders via “This Works for Me” Virtual Summit. Click here to view more.

S. Abdul-Majied - SOE Biennial Conference – “Education Beyond Borders: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”. Click here to read more.

FDCRC – “Early Pioneers of Childhood Education” in commemorative 70th Anniversary celebrations. Click here to read more.

S. Figaro-Henry – U.S. Embassy highlights SOE Fulbright Scholar at pre-departure meeting. Click here to read more.

D. Skerrit and D. Ochoa – Lead workshop on education for the deaf in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to read more.

Prof. J. De. Lisle – SOE receives newest Professor. Click here to read more.

J. Bobb-Ward – Academic Calendar features outstanding new SOE PhD’s research on inclusive education using a constructivist approach. Click here (link to the attached graphic) to read more.

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