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Founded in 1981, the Archaeology Centre is the centre of archaeological activity in Trinidad and Tobago. The Centre bears the following responsibilities:

1. It initiates archaeological research at U.W.I.

2. In consultation with the Archaeological Committee of Trinidad and Tobago, it updates the national inventory of all known sites in the twin island republic

3. It undertakes the mapping, surveying and excavation of sites in Trinidad and Tobago

4. It publishes, on a timely basis, reports on archaeological activity in Trinidad and Tobago.

5. It works closely with the Archaeological Committee in the archaeological heritage management of Trinidad and Tobago.


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Banwari Man

Learn about the oldest Pre- Columbian human skeleton in the Caribbean discovered in November 1969 at Banwari Trace, southwest Trinidad in 1969. The Banwari site has been dated to about 5000BC.



Video by The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago featuring Prof. Basil Reid, Former Senior Lecturer and Head of the Archeological Centre. 


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