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The Department of History offers many ways to partner with us on collaborative research projects. We partner with local, regional or international groups, organisations and institutions in research specific to the history of the Caribbean. We focus on history projects related to:

  • Public History/Heritage

  • Caribbean Disapora

  • Caribbean and Latin American

  • Caribbean and The United States

  • Caribbean and African Studies

  • Caribbean and Asian Studies

  • Digital History




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The Department of History offers services to individuals, companies, governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals who seek experts to assist in the researching and writing of their histories or to speak at events. Our objective is to support our societies through community outreach and the advancement of public history in the Caribbean.


  • Public History Projects

We help unique communities, groups or organizations research their histories by providing expert researchers and writers to support public history projects. We also offer assistance in publicizing these histories through public discussions, seminars, conferences, webinars and oral history projects.


  • Guest Speakers

Our staff are experts in the field of Caribbean History and we provide guest speakers for media events, academic seminars, conferences, media appearances and more.


  • Author Company Histories

We provide services for companies requiring their history to be researched and published on their websites or other digital formats and in hardcopy publications.



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