Our Focus

The Department of History offers an engaging and diverse undergraduate programme. We focus on History with emphasis on the Caribbean (Pre-Columbian, Colonial and Post-Colonial), Africa, South Asia, Latin America and their global connections. Our other areas of specialization are Women’s History, US History, Digital History and the History of Health in the Caribbean.



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B.A. Degrees Offered:

  • Major in History

  • Special in History

  • Major in African and Asian Studies (Cross Departmental Programme)

  • Minor in History



The programme extends over a period of three (3) years of full-time or 5 years of part-time study. 




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In addition to Foundation courses and electives, history majors are required to complete the following:


Level 1 (first year) -  3 or 4 History courses including


Level 2 (second year) - at least 4 History courses, 2 of which must be


Level 3 (third year) - at least 4 Level III History courses and

  • HUMN 3099: Caribbean Studies Project (final year thesis)




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