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Studying History can provide numerous opportunities for graduates. A degree in history offers a broad base of knowledge for multiple careers. Often students are unaware of the varied skills that they can acquire as students of history that will allow them to seek careers in the private and public sectors, non-profit, commercial and international organizations, the heritage field, the media industry and education, to name a few. Employers value these skills as they are transferrable to any vocation.


The following are some transferrable skills of an undergraduate history major:

  • Research

  • Critical Thinking

  • Organisation

  • Teamwork

  • Communication and Presentation (Oral, Written, Digital)


With disipline specific knowledge and these more general skills, history graduates can gain employment in the following areas:


Heritage Specialists:

  • Curators- Museums and Galleries

  • Cultural Resources Management and Historical Preservation



  • Museums and Historical Organisations

  • Tertiary Education- University Lecturers

  • Secondary School Teachers



  • Research Analysts-

  • Think Tanks

  • Public Policy

  • Corporate Organisations


Information Managers:

  • Archivists

  • Records Managers

  • Librarians



  • Writers and Editors

  • Journalists

  • Documentary Editors/ Filmakers

  • Producers of Multimedia Material

  • Tourism and Hospitality

  • Human Resources



  • Paralegals

  • Litigation Support

  • Legislative Staffers

  • Foundations/ Non-Profit Staff


For more information about Careers in History, check out these sites:


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