Award of Degree

In order to qualify for the award of a degree a student must:

a. Have completed a minimum of 90 credits of which at least 30 credits are from Level I semester courses (including the foundation course requirement) and at least 60 credits from Levels II and III semester courses.

b. Have satisfied the requirements for their specific degree programmes.


Notification of Results

For those candidates who have completed the requirements of the B.Sc. degree, a pass list shall be published and arranged alphabetically in the following categories:

i. First Class Honours.

ii. Second Class Honours.

Upper Division 

Lower Division 

iii. Pass.


Award of Honours - Grade Point Average System (GPA)

(i) The class of degree to be awarded shall be determined on the basis of a weighted Grade Point Average (GPA).

(ii) In the calculation of the weighted GPA, a weight of zero shall be attached to all 
Level I courses.

(iii) Levels II and III courses shall have equal weight in the determination of the weighted GPA.

(iv) A course designated at registration as not for credit (NFC) shall not count in the determination of the weighted GPA.

(v) Core courses satisfying the requirements of specialisations, majors and minors must be taken into account in the determination of the weighted GPA.

(vi) The class of degree shall be awarded as follows:

First Class Honours – Weighted GPA of 3.60 and above

Second Class Honours, Upper Division – Weighted GPA 3.00 – 3.59

Second Class Honours, Lower Division – Weighted GPA 2.00 – 2.99

Pass – Weighted GPA 1.00 – 1.99


Marking Scheme for Examinations in the Faculty of Social Sciences

(i) In the determination of GPA, the grades with corresponding quality points shall be as defined in the University Regulations governing the GPA.

(ii) The authorised marking scheme is as follows:

A+  4.3 86 and over
A 4.0 70 – 85
A- 3.7 67 – 69
B+  3.3 63 – 66
3.0 60 – 62
B-  2.7 57 – 59
C+  2.3 53 – 56
2.0 50 – 52
C-  1.7 47 – 49
D+  1.3 43 – 46
1.0 40 – 42
F 0.0 Less than 40
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