2020/2021 Course Outlines

Semester I Semester II 
ECON 0001- Mathematics for Social Sciences  ECON 0001- Mathematics for Social Sciences 
ECON 1001- Introduction to Microeconomics ECON 1002- Introduction to Macroeconomics 
ECON 1003- Mathematics for Economics I ECON 1003- Mathematics for Economics I 
ECON 1004- Mathematics for Economics II ECON 1004- Mathematics for Economics II
ECON 1005- Introduction to Statistics ECON 2001-  Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON 2000- Intermediate Microeconomics I ECON 2003-  Intermediate Macroeconomics II
ECON 2002- Intermediate Macroeconomics I  ECON 2005- Social and Economic Accounting 
ECON 2015- Matrix Algebra for Economics  ECON 2016- Mathematics for Economics III
ECON 2025- Statistical Methods  ECON 2020- Caribbean Economy 
ECON 3001- Industrial Economics  ECON 3002- Social Economics
ECON 3005- Monetary Theory and Policy  ECON 3007-  International Finance 
ECON 3006- International Trade ECON 3008- History of Economics Thought 
ECON 3011- Economics for Financial Institutions  ECON 3020- Economic Integration 
ECON 3016- Public Finance ECON 3050- Econometrics II 
ECON 3024- Economics of Education and Manpower Planning ECON 3052- Fiscal Policy and Economic Development 
ECON 3034- Environmental Economics  ECON 3056- Project Evaluation 
ECON 3049- Econometrics I  ECON 3066- Corporate Finance
ECON 3051- Economic Development  ECON 3068- Energy Economics II
ECON 3057-  Health Economics ECON 3071- The Economics of Disasters and Climate Change 
ECON 3067- Energy Economics I ECON 3074- Urban and Regional Economics 


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