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Message from Head of Department

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome all our new and returning students, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate, to the Department of Economics.  To our new students, thank you for choosing us and to our returning students welcome back.

Our department aims to advance the economic discussion at the national, regional and international levels.   In particular, some of our objectives at the Department of Economics are to:

  • Equip our students with qualifications acceptable to employers.
  • Prepare our students for graduate studies and research.
  • Engage our students in research of a high academic standard.
  • Prepare our students to set the standard for the discussion of local, regional and international economic issues.

The Department would not only like to encourage students to study economic topics in-depth but to do so with an independence of mind. Therefore, we are here to help you develop strong analytical skills, as well as, to acquire the ability to assess economic issues critically.

At the Department of Economics, your success is our main goal.  As such, please reach out to us whenever you have questions or encounter any difficulties. We are here to support you every step of the way on your journey towards graduation.



Mission and Vision Statement 

Mission “To deliver quality research, teaching, training, outreach, and dissemination of knowledge in the Economics of Development in Small Island Developing States in a user-friendly environment”.

Vision “For Caribbean people to recognize UWI Economics Department(s) as being in their corner through our ability to understand, anticipate and offer solutions to economic problems in the Caribbean”

Also, see the Vision and Mission of the University of the West Indies 


Research Clusters 

The Department has a number of research clusters:

  • The Labour Market and Poverty Studies Unit (LMPSU)
  • Trade and Economic Development Unit (TEDU)
  • HEU, Centre for Health Economics
  • Sustainable Economic Development Unit (SEDU)


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