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Programme Requirements

The academic programmes offered by the Department of Economics provide the foundation for a range of current economical topics, including national budgets, fiscal measures, exchange rates and economic policy.  The Department of Economics offers the following undergraduate:


Student Query Form

The Student Query allows another avenue for the Department to address student  concerns on the following matters:

  • Override Request
  • Request for Exemption – MPT/ ECON 0001
  • Missing Examination Mark
  • Review of Results – Consultations / Remarking

Please allow 1-2 working days for us to address your request: If your query is not related to any of the above feel free to email us at    


Academic Advising

We at the Department believe that it is important that you attend an Academic Advising session at the beginning of each semester and seek academic advisors as needed during the semester. Please click here




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Our Graduate Programmes are GATE Approved. Flexible student payment plans.

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