Who Should Write the Mathematics Proficiency Test (MPT)?

The following candidates can write the MPT:

  • The Mathematics Proficiency Test (MPT) must be written by all students who are desirous of reading for ECON 1003 but do not have a pass  in GCE Additional Mathematics, GCE Advanced Level Mathematics or CAPE Mathematics. 
  • Students who pass the MPT will qualify to register for ECON 1003 in semester I or semester II
  • Students who fail the MPT will be required to read and pass ECON 0001 before qualifying to read ECON 1003.
Semester I 2021-2022 MPT Pass List.pdf

Next Examination Schedule: Semester II, 2021/2022


Registration and Payment

1. Candidates must register ONLINE ONLY. Please register via the following link: https://uwi.jotform.com/212205219782048

Candidates must register by TBA.

2. Candidates are required to pay an examination fee of TT$200.00 using either of the following payment methods:

      a. at any Republic Bank branch at Account # 160 284 614 001 stating the MPT; or

      b. via credit card at https://secure.touchnet.net/C24203_ustores/web/store_main.jsp?STOREID=84&SINGLESTORE=true

**Candidates are reminded to submit scanned bank receipts and forward it to the  FSS-DeptEcon@sta.uwi.edu with their ID numbers written on the receipts or stated in the email.

Preparing for the Examination

The MPT is a multiple choice examination and students are advisied to review the courseoutline for ECON 0001 - Mathematics for Social Sciences  to guide them on the topic areas to be covered in the examination.  


MPT Examination for Semester I, 2021/2022

Date: Date: Friday 3rd September, 2021

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Platform: myelearning

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