"Molecular Diagnosis of Emerging Plant Diseases and Integrated Management of Plant Health"

(December 4-8, 2017)

Department of Life Sciences, FST, UWI-St. Augustine

The UNU-BIOLAC Training programme aims to highlight current knowledge and impart practical skills in molecular diagnosis of emerging plant diseases in the Caribbean region and application of biotechnological approaches for disease management.  The topics covered will include: advanced nucleic acid and protein-based techniques of plant disease diagnosis and pathogen detection; current concepts underlying molecular breeding for plant disease resistance and gene pyramiding; genomics and metagenomics techniques for understanding and manipulation of rhizosphere microbial dynamics towards disease management. Practical sessions will include nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification of genes, sequencing analyses and use of bioinformatics tools. The programme will be beneficial to agricultural professionals involved with plant disease diagnosis and management, researchers and policy makers.

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