Joshua Spiers mPhil student_0.jpgMr. Joshua Spiers (M.Phil Student) Project Title:“Distribution, Recruitment and Stress Response of Endemic Tree Species in Matura National Park ESA".

Aarti Pustam.jpgMs. Aarti Pustam (M.Phil Student) Project Title: “Characterization of antibiotic resistance Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates originating from the regional hospitals of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Delezia S. Singh holding a male R.      garmani frehswater crab.jpg Ms. Delezia Singh  (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: “Biomarker and endpoint responses in Poppiana dentata from pesticide exposures.”


Gervonne Barran.jpgMr. Gervonne Barran (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "Isolation and Characterization of biologically-active compounds from skin secretions of frogs in Trinidad and Tobago"

Omar Ali.jpgMr. Omar Ali  (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "Phytoelicitor and Phytostimulant of Trinidadian marine macroalgae; Seaweeds" 

Ryan LIS.PNGMr. Ryan S Mohammed (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: "Gyrodactylus SP dynamics in response to changes in temperature". 


Kerresha Khan_0.JPGMs. Kerresha Khan (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: "Urbanization and Climate Change: A Case Study of the East West Corridor (EWC), Trinidad".

Linton Arneaud.pngMr. Linton Lee Arneaud (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: "Assessing the population stability of Mauritia flexuosa L.f. (Arecaceae) in the Aripo Savannas Environmentally Sensitive Area". 

Farah Mohammed.pngMs. Farah Mohammed (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "Surveillance, molecular characterization and management of antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus in Trinidad and Tobago".


Alana Jute.jpgMs. Alana Jute (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: “An Ecological Investigation of Ballast water from vessels entering Trinidad’s waters” 

Rondel James 1.PNGMr Rondel James (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "The effects of CNG, Diesel and Petrol Vehicle Exhaust on the Morphology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Histology of local food crops". 

Saraswatie Sankar.jpg Ms Saraswatie Sankar (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "Investigating the Pollen Composition of Local Honey in Trinidad and Tobago" 


Teressa Alexander.PNG Ms Teressa Alexander (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "A Biophysical Model For Theobroma cacao Under Drought Stress

 Ruth Mohan.jpgMs Ruth Mohan (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: "Occupational Noise and the Prevalence of Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Trinidad and Tobago"  

Lauren_Ali.jpgMs Lauren Ali (M.Phil Student) Project Title: Shark Exploitation in Trinidad and Tobago: A biological and social evaluation with emphasis on the artisanal fishery and the genus Rhizoprionodon 


Sarah Evelyn.jpg Mrs Sarah Evelyn (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title: The role of water relations in determining vase-life of Anthurium andraeanum (Hort.) cultivars 

Richard Sebro.jpgMr Richard Sebro (M.Phil Student) Project Title: Development of microbial cultures for Waterflood MEOR in mature wells in Trinidad and Tobago.

Amanda_Ramdass.jpgMs Amanda Ramdass (M.Phil Student)  Project Title: Characterization of oil-degrading fungi in natural seeps in Trinidad as candidate bioremediation agents.


 Sedique Graham.JPGMr Sedique Graham (M.Phil Student) Project Title: "The Prevalence of Microplastics within Marine and Fresh water systems of Trinidad and Tobago".

Akili.jpg Mrs. Akili Joseph (Ph.D Candidate) Project Title"Investigating the Genetics of Monogenic Diabetes Mellitus in Trinidad and Tobago​"


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