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World Ocean Day 2020

Deep Sea Wonders of the Caribbean is a five-part video series that promotes awareness of the Caribbean’s deep oceans. Based on an expedition by the E/V Nautilus, led by the renowned Professor Robert Ballard, this series features the following episodes:

1.      Exploring the Deep Wilderness
2.      Beyond the Beaches
3.      Hot Sun Above, Cold Seeps Below
4.      Grenada and the Jenny that Kicks
5.      An Ocean of Opportunities


“Armed with this new knowledge we can now work towards improved conservation and management of our deep sea ecosystems”.

–        Professor Judith Gobin, Head of Department, UWI



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The 8th Annual Bioblitz goes to Tabaquite

Bioblitz? What exactly is that you may ask? Well, Bioblitz is a highly anticipated annual event for local naturalists, as it is an intense survey done in a 24-hour period to find as many species as possible within a given area! Started in 2012, this event has been held in various parts of Trinidad and Tobago from Tucker Valley to Icacos even to Charlotteville, where a whopping 1044 species were found in the latter location alone! Read more


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