Level: II
Semester: 1
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites:  Students should meet any one of the following criteria from I – V and 9 Level I credits from VI:
I.    MATH 1115 or MATH 1125
II.   CAPE Units I & II Pure Mathematics or
III. CAPE Units I & II Applied Mathematics or
IV. Cambridge GCE A’level Mathematics or
V.  (A/O’ Level Additional Mathematics) or Equivalent And
VI.   9 Credits from the Following: BIOL 1262, BIOL 1263, BIOL 1364, BIOL 1362, ESST 1000, ESST 1001, ESST 1002, ESST 1004, ESST 1005, ESST 1006, BMET 1004, BMET 1005, PHYS 1221, PHYS 1222, PHYS 1223 and PHY 1224   

Course Description 

This course introduces statistical concepts and analytical methods that can be applied to data in the biological, life sciences and environmental sciences. It will teach the basic concepts of experimental design, quantitative analysis of data, and statistical inferences. This course emphasises applications and will help students to statistically evaluate data from biological experiments. Assessment is designed to make students work continuously with the course materials, exploring and critically analysing research and real-world data. Assessment will be continuous through assigned problem sheets allowing continuous feedback and guidance on problem solving techniques.



Coursework        50%
Final Exam         50%
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