Level: II
Semester: 2
Number of Credits: 3
Anti-Requisite: BIOL 1462 General Ecology and Biometry
Prerequisites: Students should meet criteria I OR II
I: BIOL 1262 and 6 credits from BIOL 1263, BIOL 1362 and BIOL 1364 OR
II: ESST 1001 and 6 credits from ESST 1000, ESST 1002 and ESST 1006


Course Description 

An introduction to the science of ecology and its domain. Geographic range, habitat, and niche; influences of the abiotic and biotic environment. Estimating the abundance and pattern of populations. Population structure and demography; growth models, life tables and resource allocation patterns. Species interactions; competition, predation, commensalism and mutualism. The ecological community; concepts, classification, and attributes, ecological succession. Primary and secondary production, trophic levels, and ecological efficiencies. Nutrient cycles and energy flow.



Coursework                 50%
Final Examination       50%
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