Science degrees are well-respected whatever job you choose after University. As well as the specific knowledge in your chosen subject, you also learn how to design, conduct and interpret experiments, how to carefully read and evaluate scientific information, and how to solve problems.

Careers that our Life Sciences graduates pursue are many and extremely varied. Some examples are listed below:


Education and science communication

Secondary School Science Teacher
Higher Education Lecturer
Science Writer/Journalist/Film-Maker
Museum Curator or Zoological Officer (e.g. Emperor Valley Zoo)
Education/Conservation Officers (e.g. at Asa Wright/Wildfowl Trust)


Environmental sector

Ecological Consultant
Environmental Officer
Wildlife Biologist
Forest Conservator/Wildlife Officer
IMA/EMA Officer
Marine Biologist


Research (University, Government, Private)

Research Scientist (thousands of types)
Medical Researcher


Biotechnology and Industrial Applications

Entrepreneur (Start your own business based on scientific products or services)
Sales Representative
Laboratory Manager
Forensic Scientist
Soil Scientist
Plant Breeder
Agricultural Advisor
Industrial Hygienist


Further study

Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacology

MPhil or PhD Programmes

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