Level: II
Semester: 1
No. of credits: 3
Prerequisites: Student should meet criteria I or II I: CHEM 1065 OR CHEM 1070 and at least ONE of CHEM 1066, CHEM 1067, CHEM 1068 (OR CHEM 1060 AND CHEM 1061) OR II: ESST 1002


Course Description 

This course emphasizes classical methods in analytical chemistry. In the first of two units, students are introduced to the basic tools needed in all chemical analyses. The techniques of chemical measurements of mass and volume, for example, are studied, along with relevant units and interconversions. The errors associated with chemical analyses are discussed; students will be able to describe these errors, identify how they can occur in an analysis and suggest methods for minimizing or eliminating them. Simple statistical analysis is also considered in this unit. In the second unit, students are introduced to a survey of classical and modern analytical methods. This is followed by the principles of chemical equilibria, and how these apply to the important classical analytical chemistry methods of gravimetry and titration. The teaching/learning strategies in use in this course are based on the classroom lecture along with small group activities, supported by myeLearning components. The course is assessed by in-course examinations, tutorial activities and participation, along with a final examination.



Coursework 50%
Final Examination - 2-hour written paper 50%
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