Course Code Course Title

Course Code Course Title

BIOC 2061 Bioenergetics

BIOC 2162 Circulatory and Secretory Systems

BIOC 2069 Practical Skills in Biochemistry I

BIOC 2169 Practical Skills in Biochemistry II

BIOC 2161 Primary Metabolism

BIOC 2262 Gene Expression

BIOC 3062 Cellular and Molecular Defence Systems

BIOC 3069 Biochemistry Research Project

BIOC 3069 Biochemistry Research Project

BIOC 3262 Medical Biochemistry

BIOC 3162 Experimental Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BIOC 3364 Biochemical Basis of Disease

BIOL 1262 Living Organisms I

BIOC 3500 Molecular Virology

BIOL 1263 Living Organisms II

BIOL 1362 Biochemistry I

BIOL 2061 Cell and Developmental Biology

BIOL 1364 Genetics I

BIOL 2163 Biostatistics

BIOL 2164 Principles of Molecular Biology

BIOL 2165 Genetics II

BIOL 2265 Fundamentals of Microbiology

BIOL 2262 Evolutionary Biology

BIOL 2464 Fundamentals of Ecology

BIOL 2360 Biochemistry II A

BIOL 2764 Physiology of Plants

BIOL 3063 Marine Ecology and Oceanography

BIOL 2867 Physiology of Animals

BIOL 3069 Research Project

BIOL 3069 Research Project

BIOL 3070 Caribbean Island Ecology and Biogeography

BIOL 3162 Principles of Microbial Biotechnology

BIOL 3263 Introduction to Bioinformatics

BIOL 3366 Plant Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

BIOL3363 Medical Biotechnology

BIOL 3369 Laboratory Skills in Biotechnology (Year-long)

BIOL 3369 Laboratory Skills in Biotechnology (Year-long -credits applied in Semester 2)

BIOL 3409 Caribbean Coral Reefs

BIOL3468 Biodiversity and Conservation

BIOL 3462 The Ecology of Freshwaters

BIOL 3469 Research and Practical Skills in Environmental Biology

BIOL 3465 Tropical Forest Ecology and Use

BIOL 3769 Plant Genetic Improvement

BIOL 3466 Coastal Ecosystems & Resource Management

BIOL 3770 Plant Pathogens

BIOL 3768 Plant Diversity & Systematics

BIOL 3771 Environmental Plant Physiology

BIOL 3772 Plant Development

BIOL 3773 Plant Anatomy

BIOL 3774 Research and Practical Skills in Plant Biology

BIOL 3774 Research and Practical Skills in Plant Biology

BIOL 3866 Parasite Biology

BIOL 3867 Biology of Animal Behaviour

BIOL 3869 Zoology Project

BIOL 3868 The Ecology of Humans

BIOL 3870 Insect Biology

BIOL 3869 Zoology Project

BIOL 3971 Fisheries Management

BIOL 3960 Environmental Microbiology

ESST1000 Physics for Environmental Sciences

BIOL 3961 Principles of Medical Microbiology

ESST 1005 Information Technology Fundamentals

BIOL 3970 Aquaculture

ESST 1006 Human Impact on the Environment

ESST 1001 Biology for Environmental Sciences

ESST 2004 Physics for Environmental Sciences II

ESST 1002 Chemistry for Environmental Sciences

ESST 2005 Pollution Management and Abatement Technologies

ESST 1004 Science Communication

ESST 2006 Pollution Biology

ESST 2001 Principles of Environmental Chemistry

ESST 3000 Environmental Toxicology

ESST 2002 Environmental Technology

ESST 3004 Capstone Project

ESST 2003 Data Management for Environmental Science

ESST 3006 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems

ESST 3001 Environmental Fate and Transport

ESST 3007 Environmental Management Information Systems

ESST 3002 Environmental Modeling

ESST 3102 Environmental Impact Assessment

ESST 3003 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


ESST 3103 Environmental Health


ESST 3104 Climate Change and Abatement Technology




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