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Diploma in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

The Diploma programme consists of 24 credits and students will be required to complete any seven (7) core courses and one (1) of the options in order to successfully complete it. Each course carries 3 credits.

Course Code
BIOL 5200
Characteristics of Biodiversity
BIOL 5201
Threats to Tropical Biodiversity
BIOL 5205
Principles and Practice of Geoinformatics
BIOL 5206
Management and Analysis of Environmental Data
BIOL 5208
Conservation and Management of Biodiversity
BIOL 5210
Field Practicum
BIOL 5214
Environmental Resources Policy
BIOL 5202
Environmental Law and Multilateral Environmental Agreements
BIOL 5203
Environmental Economics
BIOL 5204
Environmental Impact Assessment
BIOL 5207
Sustainable Use and Management of Natural Resources
BIOL 5209
Pollution and Ecotoxicology
BIOL 5212
Taxonomy and Biodiversity Informatics
BIOL 5213
Advanced GIS
BIOL 5215
Socio-ecology and Natural Resources Management
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