Level: I
Semester: 2
No. of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: One CAPE science subject (or equivalent) in either Biology, Geography or Environmental Science or an approved Associate Degree in Science with a minimum GPA of 2.50


Course Description 

Physics for Environmental Sciences offers an introduction into the physics of the Earth's climate system and the physical methods which are developed and applied to investigate quantitatively different environmental systems. The principal topics covered are the physics of the built environment, the physics of human survival, energy for living, environmental health, revealing the planet, the sun and the atmosphere, the biosphere, the global climate, and climate change. It provides an essentially non-mathematical treatment suitable for a first-year undergraduate level course. Course delivery would involve a combination of lectures, practicals, tutorials, and web based materials. Assessments are designed to encourage students to work continuously with the course materials.



Coursework                 50%
Final Examination      50%
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