Level: I
Semester: 1
No. of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: One CAPE science subject (or equivalent) in either Biology, Geography or Environmental Science or an approved Associate Degree in Science with a minimum GPA OF 2.50


Course Description 

Introduction to Environmental Chemistry offers an introduction to the field of environmental chemistry. It is designed to provide fundamental understanding in the underlying concepts of Chemistry along with the more specific areas relevant to environmental concepts. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of general, physical and organic chemistry within the context of their application to environmental issues. To achieve this, qualitative and quantitative aspects of environmental processes will be studied. Specific topics include processes in the atmosphere, natural waters, and soils, along with the transport and fate of chemicals in the environment. Wherever possible, examples involving local/regional issues and current events will be used to illustrate the concepts in the course. The delivery of course materials would involve a combination of lectures, practicals, tutorials, and web based materials. Assessments are designed to encourage students to work continuously with the course materials.



Coursework                 50%
Final Examination      50%


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