Level: II
Semester: 1
No. of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: ESST 1002 and either CAPE Pure Mathematics (UNITS I and II) OR (MATH 1115 or MATH 1125)


Course Description

This course is a broad-based introduction to environmental chemistry for advanced environmental science students. The goal of the course is to introduce the application of chemical facts and principles to processes occurring in the environment, and the solution of problems relating to environmental processes and pollution. This course will cover issues surrounding water, air, soil chemistry, and the processes that occur naturally within them, along with the study of what happens when human interference changes the picture. There will be a specific effort made to include local and regional examples to illustrate the concepts covered in this course. The delivery of course materials would involve a combination of lectures, practicals, tutorials, and web based materials. Assessments are designed to encourage students to work continuously with the course materials.



Coursework                 50%
Final Examination       50%
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