Level: III
Semester: 1
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: ESST 1002 and either CAPE Pure Mathematics (UNITS I and II) or (MATH 1115 OR MATH 1125)


Course Description 

A significant aspect of environmental studies is the ability to predict the fate (end point) and transport mechanisms (how the contaminants get to the endpoint) of environmentally relevant chemicals. This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of environmental fate and transport. The factors that affect the movement of chemicals in the air, soil, water and biotic environments will be discussed, including vapour pressure, wind, water movement, soil/water and biota/water partitioning and chemical transformation reactions. Mathematical and chemical treatments will be utilized to predict the final distribution of chemicals in the various environmental compartments. The delivery of course materials would involve a combination of lectures, tutorials and web based materials. Assessments are designed to encourage students to work continuously with the course materials.



Coursework                 75%
Final Examination      25%
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