Level: III
Semester: 11
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BIOL 2163 and ESST 3002


Course Description 

During the first semester, students would be required to discuss ideas with different advisors and decide on a specific project option. They would then be required to prepare a pre-proposal for submission. They would also be required to do a literature review, outlining the problem and the approach to be used. Upon completion of their research students would have to write up a project according to the specified format and submit it for assessment. They would also be required to do a 15-minute oral presentation. Students should also consult the course manual for further details. Capstone projects are expected to demonstrate reflection, critical thinking, and effective communication (including presentation, research and technological skills as defined by the nature of the project). The benefit of the capstone project is that you are able to take the theoretical ideas learned and apply them to address real issues.



Coursework        100%

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