Level: III
Semester: 2
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: ESST 3003

Course Description 

This course introduces the methodology of environmental impact assessment (EIA) as a vital tool for sound environmental decision-making. It provides an introduction to the concepts, methods, issues and various stages of the EIA process. The role of the various stages of the EIA process, such as screening, scoping, EIA document preparation, public involvement, review and assessment, monitoring and auditing, appeal rights and decision-making are examined. The course mainly focuses on EIA in the Caribbean drawing on case studies from the region, but also includes other EIA systems of other countries. The delivery of course materials would involve a combination of lectures, tutorials, and web based materials. Assessments are designed to encourage students to work continuously with the course materials.



Coursework                 50%
Final Examination      50%
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