Bats emerging from Tamana Cave - Photo by Mike G. Rutherford

The accounts are organized by common name for accessibility, including multiple entries under alternative names where useful. Endemic species (E) are those that are only found in Trinidad and Tobago. Introduced or invasive species (I) are those with breeding populations in the wild that are not native to Trinidad and Tobago. Accidental or occasional visitors (A) are species that may naturally occur as individuals in Trinidad and Tobago or its offshore waters but do not form breeding populations or regular migrations. Dangerously venomous species (V) and those which may cause severe stings (S) to humans are also indicated.   


Anteater, Lesser or Southern Tamandua  


Bare-tailed Woolly Opossum

Bat, Black Bonnetedor Shaw's Mastiff

Bat, Broad-eared

Bat, Common Vampire 

Bat, False Vampire or Spectral

Bat, Fringe-lipped 

Bat, Geoffroy's Tailless

Bat, Ghost-faced or Peters's Ghost-faced Bat

Bat, Greater Bulldog

Bat, Great Stripe-faced 

Bat, Greater Sac-winged

Bat, Greater Spear-nosed 

Bat, Greenhall's Dog-faced

Bat, Heller's Broad-nosed 

Bat, Jamaican Fruit (A)

Bat, Lesser Long-tongued

Bat, Little White-shouldered

Bat, Little Yellow-shouldered

Bat, Black Mastiff

Bat, Miller's Mastiff

Bat, Mexican Free-tailed  

Bat, Black Myotis

Bat, Hairy-legged Myotis

Bat, Northern Ghost

Bat, Pale Spear-nosed

Bat, Pallas's Long-tongued 

Bat, Parnell's Mustached

Bat, Proboscis

Bat, Pygmy Round-eared 

Bat, Red (A)

Bat, Seba's Short-tailed

Bat, Sinaloan Mastiff

Bat, Southern Yellow

Bat, Stripe-headed Round-eared

Bat, Tent-making

Bat, Thomas's Yellow 

Bat, Tomes's Sword-nosed or Common Sword-nosed

Bat, Trinidadian Funnel-eared

Bat, Wagner's Mustached 

Bat, White-winged Vampire

Bat, Wrinkle-faced

Bat, Yellow-throated Big-eared or Orange-throated

Cane Mouse, Short-tailed 

Capuchin, Tufted (I) 

Capuchin, White-fronted

Capybara (I)

Collared Peccary or Quenk

Costero or Guiana Dolphin

Crab-eating Raccoon

Deer, Red Brocket 

Dolphin, Atlantic Spotted

Dolphin, Bottlenose

Dolphin, Fraser's (A)

Dolphin, Long-beaked Common

Dolphin, Pantropical Spotted

Dolphin, Risso's

Dolphin, Rough-toothed 

Dolphin, Short-beaked Common

Dolphin, Spinner

Dolphin, Striped

Killer Whale or Orca 

Killer Whale, False

Killer Whale, Pygmy



Minke Whale, Common (A)

Monkey, Red Howler

Mouse, Trinidad Spiny Pocket

Mouse Opossum, Robinson's 

Neotropical River Otter  

Nine-banded Armadillo


Opossum, Common

Opossum, Linnaeus's Mouse


Pilot Whale, Short-finned

Porcupine, Tree 

Red-rumped Agouti

Red-tailed Squirrel 

Small Indian Mongoose (I)



Trinidad Spiny Pocket Mouse

Trinidad Water Rat

West Indian Manatee

Whale, Gervais' Beaked 

Whale, Humpback 

Whale, Melon-headed

Whale, Sperm


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