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Mapepire Balsain (Bothrops sp.) - Photo by Mike G. Rutherford

The accounts are organized by common name for accessibility, including multiple entries under alternative names where useful. Endemic species (E) are those that are only found in Trinidad and Tobago. Introduced or invasive species (I) are those with breeding populations in the wild that are not native to Trinidad and Tobago. Accidental or occasional visitors (A) are species that may naturally occur as individuals in Trinidad and Tobago or its offshore waters but do not form breeding populations or regular migrations. Dangerously venomous species (V) and those which may cause severe stings (S) to humans are also indicated.   


African House Gecko (I) 

Anole, Bronze (I)

Anole, Grenada Tree (I)

Anole, Leaf

Anole, St. Vincent (I)

Anole, Watts' (I) Black and White Worm Lizard Caribbean Treerunner

Gecko, Ocellated

Gecko, Spotted
Gecko, Turnip-tailed

Gecko, Variegated

Greater Windward Skink

Iguana, Green

Lizard, Luminous or Shreve's Lightbulb

Lizard, Multi-coloured Tree

Lizard, Streak Rainbow Whiptail or Beach Runner Runner, Jungle Shiny Lizard
Shiny Lizard, Chacachacare

Swamp Whiptail

Tegu, Golden or Matte White Worm Lizard


Anaconda, Green

Black Cribo

Black-headed Snake Blind Snake, Trinidad  Blunthead Tree Snake

Boa Constrictor or Macajuel

Boa, Neuwied's False Boa, Rainbow Brown Vine Snake Bushmaster (V)

Cascabel Dormillion

Cat-eyed Snake or False Mapepire

Checker-bellied Snake Coffee Snake Corail or Coral Snake, Common (V)
Coral Snake, Large (V) Cribo, Yellow-tailed

Double-lined Water Snake

False Coral Snake or Calico False Water Coral Snake
Fer-de-Lance (V) Flat Snake


Indigo Snake Klauber's Worm Snake

Machete Savane

Mapepire Balsain (V) Mapepire, Velvet Mapepire, Water

Mapepire Zanana (V)

Neotropical Racer Parrot Snake  Pipe Snake (A) Ratonel

Slug-eating (Cloudy) Snake

Snail-eating Snake, Trinidad Yellow-bellied Puffing Snake Tree Boa  Three-lined Snake

Snake,Tiger Rat or Clibo

Turtles and Crocodilians

Arrau Sideneck Turtle (A)

Caiman, Spectacled

Crocodile, American (A)

Crocodile, Orinoco (A)

Gibba Turtle

Green Turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Mata Mata Turtle (A)

Olive Ridley Turtle Red-eared Slider Turtle
Red-footed Tortoise (I) Scorpion Mud Turtle Sea Turtle, Hawksbill

Sea Turtle, Leatherback

Sideneck Turtle, Yellow-headed (A)

Spot-legged Turtle or Galap

Tortoise, Yellow-footed or Morocoy


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Last updated 5 July 2018

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