Level: III
Semester: 2
No. of credits: 3
Prerequisites: ESST 2004 or PHYS 1110 AND PHYS 1111 or any nine (9) credits from: PHYS 1211, PHYS 1212, PHYS 1213, PHYS 1214, PHYS 1215 and PHYS 1216 or PHYS 1221, PHYS 1222, PHYS 1223 AND PHYS 1224

Course Description

Introduction to current sources of Energy and World’s Oil production; Renewable Energy requirements, types and effects; Renewable Energy Technologies; Conservation, conversion and efficiency; applications and evaluation of renewable energy systems - solar energy, biomass, wind energy, geothermal energy and hydropower.



Coursework 40%
Final Examination (One 2-hour paper) 60%
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