Student Group Health Plan

University life can be quite a challenge. Coping with the responsibilities of growing up and an intensive workload has its rewards and problems. Caribbean Home recognizes that in this special period of your life, you must take care of yourself so we have designed a comprehensive health package to cater to the dynamics of campus life.

Offers extensive coverage on medical consultations and treatments with a maximum benefit of $100,000. Now you can afford to take care of your health with this special plan that provides hospitalization, surgical and prescription benefits as well as considerable coverage on doctors’ visits, specialist consultations, diagnostics, x-rays and laboratory reports.


The plan does not cover the following:-

    Pre-existing conditions are defined as conditions that were in existence before the cover was effective whether the insured was aware of it or not, and for which he/she may or may not have received advice or treatment;
  2. Expenses incurred before the effective date of coverage;
  3. Routine Vision and Dental care, unless necessitated by an accidental injury incurred while covered under this plan;
  4. Cosmetic or plastic survey unless necessitated by an accidental injury incurred while covered under this plan;
  5. All expenses related to Pregnancy (including childbirth, miscarriage or abortion) and complications arising therefrom;
  6. Preventative medicine, homoeopathy, alternative medicine, check-ups, expenses not medically necessary;
  7. Expenses incurred for sexually transmitted diseases and/or its related complications;
  8. Students must be financially cleared i.e. all fees due to the University must be paid for the Academic Year, before cover can take effect; and
  9. Call-out fee.
Frequently Asked Questions

Deductible means the amount of eligible expenses incurred by each Insured during each calendar year, which is not reimbursable by the Company.

Co-Insurance means the percentage of eligible benefits payable by the Company after the insured has satisfied the calendar year deductible.

Reasonable & Customary
A charge for medical care which shall be considered to the extent that it does not exceed the general level of charges being made by others of similar standing in the locality where the charge is incurred.

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