For Employers

Our Commitment

The IIR commits to developing active and strong partnerships with external stakeholders to locate qualified interns. In this regard, the IIR will ensure that an overall positive internship experience is afforded to your Organization.

Who are the Interns?

The interns are made up of Graduate students enrolled at the IIR in the areas of International Relations, Social Science, Political Science and Economics. Our interns possess many skills including being bilingual, computer literate, multitask oriented, and have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. These internship periods may run from one month to six months, either part time or full-time.

How Can An Intern Help Your Organization?

  • Attract new and fresh talent
  • Expand your workforce to complete short-term projects
  • Evaluate long-term employment potential
  • Assess and train possible future employees

Employer's responsibilities?

  • Provide the intern with a job description
  • Review the internship agreement
  • Provide guidance and supervision on work-related matters
  • Complete an evaluation of the intern's performance at the end of the internship

If you would like to partner with us or for more information please contact the Internship Coordinator at


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