To cater to the needs of our growing clientele, the library is persistent in upgrading our library holdings. Materials housed at the Library comprise monographs, periodicals and audio-visual resources which touch on a range of topic in international relations. Collections at the library encompass the Open, Reserve and Reference collection. The library also houses two special collections, bequeathed by their namesakes and former director of the institute, Roy Prieswerk and researcher, Herb Addo.


Open collection/General 

Items in the open collection include monographs on loan for a duration of one week. Located in the general collection is the West Indiana Collection of the library which encompasses item written on the Caribbean and items by Caribbean authors.



Items in the Reserve Collection comprise the course reserves of the different modules taught at the Institute and audio-visual resources.  Items are on loan for overnight or may be used in the three hours (TSR).



Reference Collection encompasses Caribbean and Internationals Statistics, periodicals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks and yearbooks. These items are in-library-use only.


Special collections

Roy Prieswerk

Roy Adrien Prieswerk (1934-1982), served in the capacity of director of the Institute for the period 1967-1969. Noted as one of the founders of the Geneva International Peace Research Institute, he was very concerned about theories and methodologies of International relations and the enduring pursuit of peace, and he wrote extensively on Africa, Asian and Caribbean. His personal library of just over 500 titles was bequeathed to the Library at the Institute of International Relations by his widow shortly after his death.


Herb Addo

A Ghanian, Dr Herbert Christian Adoo, known as Herb Addo (1940-1996) lectured at the Institute and lectured in International Relations Theory and Methodology and Global Political Economy of Development. Conferred the honour of Reader, a distinction only conferred ‘based on a record of distinguished original works and outstanding success in and wide recognition of professional activities’, he was well known internationally for his contribution to critical theories on imperialism, social transformation and the global development problématique. He was famous for challenging his students to think openly, often prompting that "things look different depending on where you sit or stand."


DVD Collection

The Library at the Institute of International Relations in continually seeking to enhance student learning through access to resources, and has added multimedia materials to its collection. This collection consists of DVDs of Movies, Documentaries and Docudramas highlighting thematic issues relating to the study of international relations and global studies. DVDs hosting information that is either rare or of heritage value can be used only in the library for a period of three hours. One overnight loan is permissible to IIR students but the DVD must be returned by 10 a.m. the following day at the Circulations Counter.

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