The Library has a specialized collection of over 30,000 monographs and 240 journal titles. Subject areas covered include international law, international politics, international trade, diplomacy, international organizations, international relations theory and international money and finance.

Who can borrow books?

Only registered students and staff of the Institute are accorded borrowing privileges.


Can non-registered students of the Institute use the Library?

Yes, however, students who are not registered with the Institute will be granted reading and reference privileges only. Borrowing is not permitted but photocopying facilities are available.


How long is the borrowing period for registered students?

  • Reserve Collection: two (2) reserve items per course for overnight use.
  • Open Collection: Up to six (6) items at a time from the open shelves for a period of one (1) week


Can I renew my books?
One (1) renewal of loaned items is permitted, provided that there are no pending requests for the item.


Are lockers available for use?
The rental is $1.00 per day or $20.00 per semester.


Is there Internet access in the Library?
Terminals are available for use in the Library to search the Library’s database and the catalogue of the St. Augustine Campus Libraries' network only. Students are advised to use the Information Technology Lab to conduct research on the Internet.


Can I use my laptop in the Library?
Laptop computers may be used in the Library.


How do I search the catalogue?
An integrated St. Augustine Campus libraries catalogue, ALEPH, is available listing the holdings in the catalogues of the Libraries on campus, including the Norman Girvan Library. Author, title and keywords can be searched.


How can I access the databases? 
Social Sciences databases are available through the St. Augustine Campus Libraries portal.


Can I print at the Library?
The Library does not offer printing services. This service is available at the Information Technology Lab.


How much do printing and photocopying cost?

  • $0.50 per page for printing on the laser printer (in the IT Lab).
  • $0.25 per page for photocopying (in the Library).


What if the Library does not have a book or an article which I need?
The Library can borrow books or obtain articles from libraries within our network. This service is not available to non-registered users.


What are the basic rules of conduct?

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Library.
  • Bags must conform to the dimensions of 15x20 centimetres (Lockers are available for use).
  • Mobile devices and cell phones must be placed on silent or switched off.


What services are available to IR Alumni?
IR Alumni are allowed reading and reference access.

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