Locker Loan Rental


  1. The service is only offered to Post Graduate IIR Students

  2. The same rules of borrowing apply:

    1. Students must be financially cleared

    2. no fines/fees due to any campus library

  3. Students must register for the service and pay all associated fees ($65.00 security deposit).

  4. The locker loan request form MUST be filled out correctly and submitted electronically or in print within the appropriate time frame (Staff will NOT assist with filling out the form)

  5. Only Books from the General and Reserve Collection; this service will not facilitate loans from the Multimedia / DVD Collection

  6. Only loan requests received before 12 noon will be processed, any requests submitted after 12 noon will be processed the following working day.

  7. Regardless of the date the books are collected from the locker, the due date on the book is applicable. Remember regular renewal procedures apply (phone in & over the counter renewal)

  8. Books should be returned at the FRONT DESK OR placed in the BOOK RETURN when the library is CLOSED. Absolutely NO RETURNS will be facilitated through the Locker Loan Deposit Service. (Staff will not remove books from the lockers and return them on the behalf of students).

  9. If students are unable to collect the items and the due dates have passed, the items will remain in the lockers as overdue until they are returned to ALL normal borrowing penalties will apply. (General: $1.00 per day / Reserve: $1.00 per hour)


Regulations for the ‘Loan Deposit’ Lockers


  1. The ‘Loan Deposit’ Lockers must be kept clean

  2. The Lockers are only to be used for the Loan Deposit Service. A separate locker for Personal Items should be rented from the library.

  3. Books will not be deposited in lockers that contain personal items.


How does it work?


  1. Visit the library’s online catalogue UWIlinC and conduct your search for the books you wish to borrow.
  2. Fill out the request forms and include all the required information for the books from either the General Collection or the Reserve Collection. Forms can be accessed on our website or at the Circulations desk at the Norman Girvan Library.
  3. Submit the completed forms to the Norman Girvan Library electronically to the service email or hard copy at the Circulations desk at the Norman Girvan Library.
  4. The library staff will receive your requests and check on the availability of the books. If they are available the items will be checked out on your behalf and placed in your assigned locker so that you can collect at your convenience.
  5. You can renew for an additional 7 days (general) or overnight (reserve) via telephone or in person.
  6. Books can be returned at the Circulations desk or through the Book Return (never through the locker loan deposit)


How can I sign up for this service?


STEP ONE: Find out if you qualify.

  1. Are you registered to read for one of the Institute of International Relations Post Graduate Programmes?
  2. Do you have Financial Clearance?

                   If you answer YES to all of the above questions, move on to Step two. If not, consult a library assistant at the Norman Girvan Library.

STEP TWO:  Fill out a registration form at the Circulations Desk at the Norman Girvan Library and pay the required fees. ($65.00 security deposit).

STEP THREE: Collect the locker key for your ‘Loan Deposit’ locker and the instructional package (you can request a demo from the library staff).

STEP FOUR: Begin enjoying the convenience of the Locker Loan Deposit Service


The Norman Girvan Library Locker Loan Deposit Form 

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