Photocopying & Printing


Only students of the Institute and external users, at the discretion of the Librarian, have access to the photocopiers. Photocopying machines are available for use.

Charge: 25 cents per copy (2 sided = 50 cents)

All copies, spoilt and otherwise, must be paid for


The Library does not offer printing services. Students are also advised to use the Information Technology Unit (ITU) to conduct research on the Internet or to print materials.

Printing on the laser printer costs 50 cents per page.


Intellectual property/copyright laws

Due to intellectual property considerations and copyright laws, only 10% of any thesis or seminar paper can be copied. For example, if a seminar paper is 100 pages long, permission is only granted for the copying of 10 pages of the study, usually only the bibliography.  This guideline is strictly adhered to.

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