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The IIR is committed to developing partnerships with external stakeholders to find suitable internship opportunities for its students.

What are the Internships?

Internships are temporary work and job experiences designed to give students an opportunity to develop professional skills, and to gain practical work experienice in the IR field. To this end internship experiences are sought from various international institutions, embassies and civil society organizations in Trinidad and Tobago, the region and beyond.

Who are the Interns?

Interns are the Graduate Students Enrolled at the IIR in the areas of International Relations, Social Sciences, Political Science and Economics.

Some of the core competencies possessed by our interns include:

  • Bilingual
  • Computer Literate 
  • Good Interpersonal and Organizational Skills
  • Multi-task oriented

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete the Intership Program Agreement Form
  • Be respectful, hard working, professional on the internship
  • Provide the Internship Coordinator and the Director of the IIR with a summary describing the experience

If you are interested in applying for an Internship through the IIR's internship program or for more information please contact the Internship Coordinator at

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