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Please contact us via email or contact a Customer Service Representative via LIVE CHAT 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. 

Professor Duraisamy Saravanakumar
Director, School for Graduate Studies & Research and
Chair, Campus Committee for Graduate Studies & Research

Mr. Arnold Manniram
Assistant Registrar, Graduate Studies & Research



Applicants can access and complete the relevant instructions and online application form at

For further information please contact Customer Service Representatives via the LIVE CHAT 8:30am - 4:30pm


Status Letters and Registration Matters

Mr. Owen Bruce
Registration Matters and General information


Examination Matters (Students)

Document Submission and General Enquiries

  • Application for the Examination of Research Projects/Papers
  • Consultations
  • External Examination of Research Projects
  • Deferral of exams
  • Exemption and credits
  • Requests for Extension of Submission for Research Projects
  • External Sitting of Exams
  • Rescinding of Required to Withdraw (RTW)
  • Requests for third and final attempts
  • Remarking
  • Re-entries to complete Research Projects/Papers
  • Transfer of registration



Submission of Examination of Research Projects/Papers

Electronic submission of Externally Examined Research Projects/Papers will be received and processed.
Students should submit via e-mail to

  1. One (1) PDF copy of the research paper/project report (large files are to be submitted via drop box link)
  2. Turnitin Report in PDF format
  3. Certificate of Completion form signed by the Supervisor(s) and  Head of Department                


Award of Degrees - Taught Masters, Graduate Diplomas and Certificates

Electronic submission of award grids will be received and processed.

Faculties, Departments and Institutes are asked to submit to

  1. Award grids signed by the Head and Deputy Dean or Dean
  2. Examiners’ reports
  3. Correspondence (email or memo) on the agreement of the final mark and grade


Research Funding

Ms. Sarah Kalloo
Scholarships, Bursaries and Campus Research and Publication Funds


Research Ethics

Ms. Tennille Fanovich
Secretary, Campus Research Ethics Committee


PhD/MPhil and MFA matters

Document Submission  

  • Seminar Reports
  • Application for Entry to the Examination of Thesis Forms
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Submission of Theses/Manuscripts for Examination/Resubmission of Examination/Revisions before proceeding to Oral Examinations.
  • Submission of Corrected Thesis for the Award of the Degree.
  • Nomination of Examiners
  • Arrangements for PhD Oral Examinations.
  • CITI Programme Completion Certificate & Transcript


Ms. Candace Maundy
School of Education, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology

Ms. Sherelle Trim
Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, School of Humanities, Seismic Research Unit

Mrs. Shernelle Babb 
Faculty of Food and Agriculture, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of International Relations, SALISES

Ms. Vanessa Duncan
Administrative Assistant, MPhil and PhD Matters


Examination Matters (Staff/Examiners)

Document Submission and General Enquiries

  • Examiners’ Reports for Research Papers/Research Projects
  • Exemption and credits
  • Nomination of Examiners for externally examined Research Papers/Research Projects
  • Marksheets
  • List of Examiners
  • Supplementary Grade Report Forms



Board of Examiners Meetings

Board of Examiners’ Meetings will continue via the respective Departments’ video conferencing facility i.e., Zoom or Microsoft teams

Mrs. Jenelle Lezama-Thomas
Administrative Assistant, Examinations

Mrs. Liselli Joseph
Administrative Assistant, Examinations


BANNER Related Matters

Ms. Karlene Hernandez

Please contact us via email or contact a Customer Service Representative via LIVE CHAT 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. 


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