PHOTO-2022-05-16-12-16-24.jpgThe School of Graduate Studies & Research (SGSR), UWI, St. Augustine is extremely delighted to welcome you as a member of the UWI Academic Community as a graduate student.

Since the 1980s to the 2000s, the number of individuals with postgraduate degrees have tripled globally. With more than a quarter of undergraduate students pursuing postgraduation globally, the supply goes up and hence the demand for postgraduation also is increasing simultaneously.  For example, if an employer can hire a person with postgraduate education, they prefer this person over another with an undergraduate degree. Furthermore, the demand for specialized postgraduation is increasing in all fields.

Once upon a time, a Bachelor’s degree was sufficient for most jobs, currently there is a need for a Master’s degree; a Master’s degree was sufficient to lecture students, currently most institutions insist on a PhD; a general doctor was sufficient for treating most ailments, currently there is a need for specialists, sub-specialists and super-specialists.

Hence, there are many advantages of pursuing a postgraduate degree:

  • Most postgraduate degrees require some form of research as a part of training
  • This research experience enhances the creativity, innovation, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills of an individual
  • In a competitive job-market and career environment, postgraduation is preferred by the majority of organizations
  • With the economic recession (especially following the pandemic), the job-market will become much more competitive
  • To have an edge over others, a postgraduate degree will become paramount

With all the above in mind, The UWI and specifically the SGSR is positioned with a dynamic flux of retooling postgraduate education. The current pandemic has introduced the so-called ‘New-Norms’, and therefore, redesigning the whole paradigm of graduate education has become necessary at this juncture.

Addressing the infrastructure by readjusting the human and material resources to cater for Online / Face-to-Face/ Blended modes of teaching/ learning has already begun.

Lectures and laboratory/practical work are being adapted to the current era have radically changed the mode of delivery of graduate education (e.g., webinars/ recorded lectures as against live sessions in person).

The Digital Transformation has addressed some important aspects of graduate education such as research protocol approvals by Ethics Committees and scholarships/funding for research applications.

Many other processes including processing of applications for admissions, research and supervision as well as assessments/examination processes are currently being adapted to suit the modern technological era.

By providing world-class graduate education at The UWI, St. Augustine, the institution is meeting all the expectations of a postgraduate student and as a corollary, has satisfied the requirements of the society and the World of Work.

Needless to say, landmark research, inventions and innovations in every academic field is the hallmark of a progressive society, which has been the top agenda of The UWI.

In closing, postgraduate education is increasingly becoming important for career and progress. Choosing your postgraduate degree depends on many factors including (but not limited to)

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Alignment of interests
  • Career pathways
  • The need e.g., for ‘Professional’ courses
  • Avenues for further progress
  • Employability and remuneration

We invite you to choose the right programme suited for you. The SGSR is always willing to guide you in every aspect.

Please do not hesitate to write an email to us for any inquiries and assistance. You may use the live-chat function also for immediate answers.

I am confident that your experience in The UWI St. Augustine as a graduate student will be world-standard and will surpass all your expectations.

With warm regards

Professor S Hariharan

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