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What happens if I am not accepted for my programme of 1st choice? 
Once you have indicated on your application a programme of second/third/fourth choice, your application is automatically transferred for consideration.

 Note: Applicants should note that admission to a programme of Second/Third/Fourth Choice is subject to the availability of places at the time of transfer of the application.

What happens if I do not indicate a programme of 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th choice? 
You would be required to submit a written request indicating the degree programme for which you wish to be considered.

This request must reach the Admissions Office no later than June 30 of the year in which you are seeking admission to the University
As a new student how can I change my programme of study or major?
NEW students may request changes in programmes and transfer between faculties (except to the Faculty of Medical Sciences) up to the end of the SECOND week of Semester I.  Students requesting such transfers must:

•     Make a written request to the Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions).
•     Collect a NEW offer, if approval is granted
•     Complete registration for this new programme of study

NOTE: Transfers between faculties for the current academic year will NOT be
   permitted after the end of the Second week of Semester I.

Can I defer my acceptance?
Deferral of your acceptance may be permitted for only one (1) academic year and is subject to approval from the Dean of the respective faculty. 

You are required to submit a written request to the Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions) which will be processed in accordance with University procedures.

I applied to the University and I was not accepted. Why?
You may not have been accepted to UWI for any one of the following reasons:

  • You may not have met either the University requirements and/or  faculty requirements for entry;
  • Your qualifications may not have been sufficiently competitive to other applicants; hence we were unable to offer you a place.
  • Your completed transcript may not have been received in time.

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