How To Apply

General Admission

Applicants who meet the General Entrance Requirements and Re-Admission candidates (UWI students who were Required To Withdraw) can apply online.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and to ensure the security of your personal information, The UWI St. Augustine Campus has introduced the e-Courier Secure File Transfer Facility to allow applicants to The UWI St. Augustine to submit their required documents online.
Please be guided by the following instruction for undergraduate applicants:

  1. All required supporting documents must be uploaded via the Upload Document link located within the Online Application page as follows:
    • Supporting documents to be submitted in PDF format ONLY. Documents must be uploaded as a single PDF file.
    • Supporting documents submitted (except undergraduate confirmation and payment receipts) must be certified i.e. copy of original stamped and signed as a true copy of the original. Documents can be certified by a Notary Public OR Commissioner of Affidavit OR Justice of the Peace OR School Principal/Vice-Principal.
  2. The description Line in e-Courier must be filled in with the following information:
    • Web ID or UWI ID (if past student, student ID required)
    • Applicant’s full name (first name, last/surname)
    • Programme(s) choices
  3. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email from the e-Courier application on submission of supporting documents.
  4. Applicants can submit additional supporting documents (if applicable) via the track application link: using the login ID and PIN created to complete the application.

[Non-refundable application fee MUST be paid].

Download the Step By Step Chart


Transfer Students

UWI Inter-Faculty Transfers

If you wish to transfer to another faculty on the same campus you must complete the required transfer application form. The completed forms must be returned to the Admissions Office by the specified deadline via email to 

UWI Inter-Campus Transfers

If you want to transfer to another campus, you must fill out a transfer application form. The completed forms must be returned to the Admissions Office by the specified deadline via email to

Transferring in from another Tertiary Level Institution?

Have you completed year one of your current programme? Applicants can apply online and submit, email or mail in their confirmation receipt together with their  supporting documents.

[Non-refundable application fee MUST be paid].


Specially Admitted / Occasional Students/ Exchange and Study Abroad PROGRAMMES

Applicants must complete a paper application form and submit or mail it in together with their supporting documents and a
[Non-refundable application fee].

Download the Information Sheet for more information.


Required Documents

Supporting documents must be submitted to the Student Affairs (Admissions) Office via the Upload Documents link located within the Online Application page. If relevant documents and transcripts are in a language other than English, notarised translations must be submitted with the application form. Please ensure that you submit all required documents in order to complete your application to:

The Assistant Registrar
Student Affairs (Admissions)
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine Campus
Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies