Admissions Process: Summary

Matriculation Regulations

Minimum Entrance Requirements

  • Applicants are required to satisfy the relevant University minimum entrance requirements for matriculation, before being considered for admission to degree or other programmes.
  • There is no minimum age requirement for entry to undergraduate programmes at the University, except for applicants to the MB.BS and BSc Physical Therapy who must be at least 18 years old and for the BSc Nursing (Pre-Registration) who must be at least 17 years old
  • English Language is compulsory for admission to all UWI programmes.  Candidates who do not possess a Grade I in CSEC (CXC English A, a Grade A in GCE O-level English Language, a Grade I or II in CAPE Communication Studies or A or B Grades in GCE General Paper, or approved equivalent, must take an English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) on entry.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must perform satisfactorily in an approved English Language Test, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A mark of 500 on the paper-based test (82 computer-based) in the TOEFL Test is accepted as equivalent to, and in place of, an acceptable CSEC (CXC) pass in English A OR the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum total score of 6.5-academic test only.


NOTE:   The UWI does not favour one exam over the other. Applicants are encouraged to take either test as early as possible.

Faculty Requirements

  • In addition, for admission to some degree programmes applicants are required to have qualifications in certain specific subjects.  These are referred to as Faculty Requirements and are stated in the relevant Faculty Regulations.
  • Admission is based on academic qualification points and/or GPA as determined by each faculty at the time of admission. All faculty’s academic requirements are current at the time of publication but may be subject to change in the future.


Application Process

  • Entry into programmes for all Faculties is very competitive and is based on academic merit. For programmes in the Faculty of Engineering, applicants indicating an Engineering programme as their 1st choice receive primary consideration.  For programmes in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medical Sciences [MB.BS, DDS, BSc Pharmacy and BSc Nursing (Post RN)], ONLY applicants indicating these programmes as their 1st choice are normally considered.

  •  Applicants are required to complete and submit ONE [1] online UNDERGRADUATE application per Academic Year.

  • When applying online, an applicant may select up to four (4) programme choices, in preference order.

  • Processing of your applications will only commence upon receipt by the Admissions Office of the completed Undergraduate Confirmation Receipt and all required supporting documentation inclusive of proof of payment of non-refundable application processing fee (Trinidad and Tobago Nationals: TT$90/ Non-nationals: US$30) and certified/notarized copies (as applicable).  Refer to Section on DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for details. NOTE: Applicants are advised to submit documents via the Upload Documents link located within the Online Application page.


When you have submitted the required documents, please allow approximately four (4) weeks for your documents to be processed and/or your application record to be updated in our system.

  •  Any change to your online application must be made in writing to:  Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions) and submitted via email to or no later than July 9, 2021.
  • Applicants with qualifications / birth/ marriage certificates in a language other than English must submit a certified English translation, together with the original.
  • All submitted documents become the property of The University of the West Indies.  We will not return or give you copies of any part of your application or supporting material, nor will we forward any part of your application or supporting material to a third party.
  • The Office of Admissions does not release any information except to the applicant and does not give admission decisions by telephone or fax.  This policy helps to protect the confidentiality of every applicant.
  • Please note that a person engaged in full-time employment CANNOT be registered as a full-time student unless written proof of approved leave is provided prior to registration.
  • Nationality – Documentary evidence is required (passport/certificate of residence). Persons who hold DUAL CITIZENSHIP should clearly indicate under which nationality they wish to be considered as they will NOT be permitted to change status after an offer of a place has been made and accepted. 
  • Official documentary evidence MUST be submitted to support the status under which he/she wishes to be considered.
  • FULL-TIME: A student who is registered for not more than 15/18 and not less than 12 credits per semester in accordance with prescribed faculty regulations. 
  • PART-TIME: a student registering for less than 24 credits of courses in a given academic year. These courses may be scheduled at any time of the day on the timetable.


Prohibition on Submission of Fraudulent Admission Documents

  • The submission of documents in support of applications or the applications themselves, for admission and/or registration that are forged, fraudulent, altered from the original, obtained under false pretences, or otherwise deceptive is prohibited.
  • The University reserves the right to reject an application for admission, withdraw an offer and/or prohibit registration if the offer for admission is found to be based in whole or in part on deception or fraud.


Application Processing

  • Applications are sent to the respective faculty entrance committee on admissions for consideration in the order in which they are completed and not necessarily in the preference sequence order.
  • All programmes to which you have applied are processed independently and a decision made on each application.
  • Decisions are not necessarily made in the order in which applications are reviewed.  Some applicants may receive a decision fairly quickly based on the overall and relative strength of the application for the programme to which they applied.
  • Your acceptance of one offer does not prevent you from accepting a subsequent offer from The University of the West Indies to another programme more favourable to you.
  • Acceptance of a subsequent offer will supersede prior offers, unless you instruct us otherwise.
  • You must however clearly indicate via the Offer Reply form the programme you would be accepting and/or the programme you would be rejecting.
  • Applicants are encouraged to keep tracking their application via our website at for updates. Use the login ID and PIN you created then track your application by clicking the TRACK APPLICATION Button.


Notification of Acceptance

Successful applicants will be notified via email of their acceptance. That email is not an Offer/Acceptance Letter.

Successful applicants will be provided with online access to all acceptance material and will be able to download the Offer Letter and registration material from our website at

To access the acceptance material online you must use the Login ID and PIN which you created when you submitted your online application.