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What degrees, certificates and diplomas do you offer?

UWI offers a wide range of degrees, certificates and diplomas. Please consult our Undergraduate Prospectus which is available on our website

How long does it take to complete a degree programme?

A full-time undergraduate student will normally take three academic years to complete a degree programme in the Faculties of Engineering, Social Sciences, Law, Humanities & Education, Science and Technology and Food and Agriculture.

A part-time student will take about four academic years except in the case of Humanities & Education where it can take a maximum of six years.

An evening University student will take a Minimum of three years to complete- four courses per semester and two Summer School Sessions or a maximum of seven and a half years (fifteen semesters and seven Summer School Sessions) with a maximum of two courses per semester

The MBBS, DVM and DDS degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Medical Sciences take five academic years to complete, while the BSc Pharmacy Programme and BSc Optometry Programme takes four years.

NOTE: The Faculties of Engineering, Law and Medical Sciences do not offer part-time programmes.

How do I transfer from one faculty to another or from one UWI campus to another?

If you wish to transfer to another faculty on the same campus you must complete the required transfer application form which is available from the Student Affairs (Admissions) Office of the Registry. If you wish to transfer to another campus, you must fill out a transfer application form obtainable from the Customer Service Representatives, The Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building. Application for Transfer Forms can also be downloaded from our website at Student seeking to transfer to another Campus must be in good financial standing before their application for transfer forms are forwarded to another campus.

Transfer application forms must be submitted by March 31. Transfers will be considered at the end of semester 2 of each academic year for the preceding academic year and will be subject to (i) academic requirements and /or (ii) availability of space.

How can a registered student of UWI change his/her Major, Option and/or Enrolment Status?

To change major(s)/minor(s)/options/special and/or enrolment status [full-time/pat-time/evening] students must submit written requests to the Dean of the Faculty, through the Senior Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions). The Admissions Office will process the request in accordance with University procedures.

NOTE: Requests for change in Enrolment Status and change in Major/Option:

  • Approval granted in Semester 1 becomes effective in Semester 2
  • Approval granted in semester 2 becomes effective in the next academic year.

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