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How and when do I register?

Students must register on-line via the Internet at through myCampus Portal student information system at the beginning of each academic year in the designated Official University Registration period.

Registration normally opens two weeks before the semester commences. The registration schedule is on the web three weeks before registration opens .

Note that all NEW and Re-entry undergraduate students must attend your respective Faculty Orientation and Academic Advising session before proceeding to commence online registration.

Is there a time limit for registering for a course?

Yes. At the beginning of each academic year students may register on-line via the Internet for all semester 1 courses AND all Year-Long courses (where applicable) during the official registration period.

Registration for semester 2 courses takes place at the beginning of Semester 2 normally in January of each year

Please check the Academic Calendar for registration dates.

If I did not register for sometime, say one (1) year/ one semester, can I just come back and register?

No. If you were not on approved leave of absence, that is, the University did not formally advise you that you were granted leave of absence, the University would have deemed you as voluntarily withdrawn. You would be required to reapply for admission in another cycle when applications are invited.

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