The Caribbean Anthurium Industry Development Workshop

23 – 26th September, 2006. Learning Resource Centre,
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

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Overall Objective:

The overall objective of the project is to (a) develop a vision and strategic plan towards organizing the anthurium industry to become internally-linked and globally competitive; and (b) to develop a stakeholder driven mechanism to achieve this.

The specific objectives include:

  1. 1. Align the industry with University- public sector- and private sector research so that research information will lead to industry development; and to consolidate the information available in the region and internationally towards developing a research agenda to improve the competitiveness of the region.
  2. 2. Information sharing – Developing an information sharing mechanism such as a website and/or an on-line newsletter to keep the stakeholders in constant contact with developments.
  3. 3. Involve the stakeholders in developing a vision and a strategic plan for the Caribbean anthurium industry
    1. a. Determine the present status of the industry through a questionnaire and perceived problems for expansion.
      b. Develop a strategy for expansion and achieving global competitiveness.
      c. Develop a marketing strategy to support the expansion.
      d. Develop a funding strategy to support the strategic plan.
    4. Develop a consensus on a flexible business package to support the development of small to large anthurium farms in alignment with markets.
    1. a. Provision of improved planting material
      b. Develop a technical training component to support new comers, including a training manual.
      c. Provision of infrastructure development support, designs, technical support or construction support.
      d. Develop small- and medium- farm business plans for potential investors
      e. Developing a financial package by linking funding agencies with the growers or governments.
      f. Consultancy package for continuous support of the investors for fixed periods.

    5. Develop an IPR strategy to share innovations within the Caribbean region.

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