Careers, Co-Curricular and Community Engagement


The Careers Unit focuses on the student’s professional development through a series of workshops and programmes that are designed to make students aware of the importance of being strategic, thoughtful and prepared as they embark on their career journey. The goal is to teach them important skills which are not just invaluable in the working world but are transferrable to other aspects of life. Some of the programmes include Career Advice Programme (CAP), Executive Transition Programme (ETP) and World of Work. The World of Work programme comprises a series of critical workshops for final year students.

  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Interview Preparation Workshop
  • World of Work Seminar
  • Mock Interviews
  • Networking Workshop (Theory & Practical)
  • Recruitment Fair (Vacation & Graduate)

In addition to planning and executing these programmes, this section oversees semester and vacation employment for the student population.


A series of Co-Curricular activities are offered by the UWI and students are awarded credits and additional certification. This is useful in helping to develop a range of important life skills and characteristics necessary to excel in life in the 21st century. Some of the courses offered include; Public Speaking and Voice Training, Financial Literacy and Training, Ethics and Integrity and Workplace Protocol for Students.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Unit seeks to mould graduates who are civically aware, ethically grounded, socially responsible and built on a spirit of reciprocity through participation in community service activities. These activities range from tutoring opportunities to working with non-governmental organizations that have partnered with the university. Some of the organizations include Habitat for Humanity, Nature Seekers, The Cyril Ross Nursery, Animal Welfare Network, Raffa House, Caribbean Youth Environmental Network, ALTA and The Down Syndrome Family Network. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the annual International Service-Learning Symposium which includes a cast of students and staff from local and North-American universities, discussing community engagement and service-learning and its impact on our region and the world.