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Division of Student Services and Development

The Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD) provides all students with support services that allow them to learn, grow, develop and to derive the maximum benefit from their university experience. Each department within the Division focuses on a core group of services that are all essential to student life at the St. Augustine Campus.


The DSSD is composed of six departments:

The DSSD Management Team

Top Left to Right: Dr. Deirdre Charles, Director, Division of Student Services and Development; Professor Rhoda Reddock, Deputy Principal; Dr. Jacqueline Huggins, Manager, Student Life and Development; Ms. Kathy-Ann Lewis, Manager, Careers, Co-curricular and Community Engagement

Bottom Left to Right: Mr. Kevin Snaggs, Manager, Student Accommodation On and Off Campus; Mr. Chandar Supersad, Manager, Financial Advisory Services; Mr. Curtis Mike, Manager, Student Activities/Facilities and Commuting Students


The University of the West Indies Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD) is committed to facilitating each student’s personal and academic success by creating an environment that actively engages our students as they navigate campus life. It is also committed to responding to the evolving needs of our stakeholders – the students, the workplace and the wider society. Thus, the DSSD will establish itself as part of the core business of The UWI.


To provide excellent student-life and developmental experiences which will positively impact student retention and success.


Teamwork, Integrity, Accessibility, Excellence, Civic Responsibility, Diversity, Equity, Empowerment.

The DSSD Team

The DSSD staff enjoy their fun day.