Student Amenities Fund Working for You

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The Student Amenities Fund (SAF) was officially established at the St. Augustine Campus in Semester I of the 2016/2017 academic year. It is geared toward supporting the development and enhancement of student amenities at the Campus as well as to support services provided to students via the Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD). The SAF is partly funded by amenities fees of $500, paid by students at the beginning of every academic year during the registration period. It is to be paid by all students registered at the St. Augustine Campus with the exception of specially admitted and exchange students.

In September 15, 2016, Campus Financial and General Purpose Committee approved the following projects to be paid for using the Student Amenities Fund.

  • Campus Wireless Upgrade (Phase 1)
  • Supply and delivery of computers for student laboratories at the St. Augustine Campus
  • Improvement of the shuttle service through the following
    • Re-branding of campus shuttles
    • Review of the routing and scheduling process
    • Increasing the number of shuttle drivers
    • Purchasing new shuttle buses
    • Repair and replacement of benches at the various shuttle stops

The Fund is also being used for the installation of upgraded water coolers to service students on the campus; the upgrade of sporting facilities at the Sports and Physical Education Centre (SPEC); and attention to student facilities at Mount Hope.

The SAF is managed by a committee, chaired by the Deputy Principal, which will have oversight of its usage. The Committee’s primary role is the approval of projects to be supported by the Fund.