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Our Services

The BDU offer services that are aimed at skill transfer and business consultancies with its primary focus on delivering well-rounded, coordinated academic and industry relevant programmes and services within the social sciences discipline. 


Professional Seminars and Workshops

Our Professional Development Seminars and Workshops help individuals improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness. These sessions can be conducted in a physical or virtual active learning environment that allows participants to master specific learning objectives. These seminars and workshops cater to the needs of individuals to increase their skill level as a way to improve performance outcomes. Certificates of completion are awarded to participants.


Customized Corporate Training

Corporate training sessions are off-the-shelf professional development seminars and workshops that we offer to organizations in both the private and public sector to provide training for their staff. Customized training seeks to support the training needs of organizations by designing and delivering programmes, seminars and workshops based on specific training needs requested. It involves a "tailor-made" approach to address an organization's exact needs and learning outcomes. Certificates of completion are awarded to participants.


Market Research

We provide clients with marketing analysis or research and other market-related research services such as surveys, focus groups, experiments, product testing and competitor analysis. We are well-trained and equipped to service the clients that require this line of services.




We help organizations solve problems, create value, optimize growth opportunities and improve overall business performance through the expert recommendations and implementation plans of our consultants. Consulting areas of specialization include but are not limited to Strategic Planning and Performance Management, Marketing, Customer Service, HR and Operations.



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