My colleagues and I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Social Sciences. We are delighted that you have chosen us to partner with you on this journey to achieving your educational goals. You are now part of an established community where we focus on lifelong learning for sustainable impact. In the Faculty of Social Sciences, we encourage our students to focus on academic excellence, and we also ensure that we produce well-rounded individuals who are able to build and sustain healthy relationships with peers, employers, employees and the wider community. We also desire that students who are part of this great Faculty become deep thinkers and creators of solutions that can affect and change increasing societal challenges.

In order to equip you for the journey ahead, we have developed a suite of programmes which are offered across the four (4) Departments of the Faculty – the Department of Behavioural Sciences, the Department of Economics, the Department of Management Studies and the Department of Political Science. Our team of committed and capable academic and administrative staff within these Departments are all eagerly waiting to work with you and to provide the support that is necessary for you to successfully navigate your way through your respective programmes.

We look forward to partnering with you on your journey of self-discovery and academic achievement. We wish you all the very best.

Acolla Lewis-Cameron, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


Deputy Deans for academic year 2020-2021

The following persons have been appointed to serve as Deputy Deans for the academic year 2020/2021:

  • Deputy Dean Planning and Programming – Dr. Meena Rambocas
  • Deputy Dean Undergraduate Student Affairs – Dr. Karene Nathaniel De Caires
  • Deputy Dean Graduate Studies & Research – Dr. Barney Pacheo
  • Deputy Dean Distance Education and Outreach – Dr. Wendell Wallace
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